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Avon vs. Mary Kay

Mary Kay vs. Avon

Ever really wondered what the difference between Mary Kay and Avon was?


Both Avon and Mary Kay are “work from home” and “be your own boss” businesses. They both have the same earning ability, earn what you want and work your own hours.  Sounds about the same right? Wrong. Both companies are actually different in many ways. I started selling Mary Kay in June 2011. The start-up cost was exactly $160. The $160 I invested bought me the following:

  • A Mary Kay Tote Bag
  • 6 different shades of mineral powder
  • Color cards
  • Satin Hands lotion samples
  • Hand out books
  • Customer profile cards
  • Team building flyers
  • An agenda
  • A study guide for Mary Kay parties
  • A 1 year subscription for my online Mary Kay business

When selling Mary Kay, you have to study and read off of a flip book to advertise at skin care parties as well as cosmetic parties. Most of the stuff they want you to sell is about $60-$200. Honestly, who would really pay that much for makeup? Not me. Although, when selling Mary Kay, you make 50% commission of sales and get a 50% discount when investing in stock. What they don’t tell you is, if you don’t make a $250 purchase ($500 value) when they tell you to,  you lose your commissions, discount and commission you make from others. Something else they fail to tell you is, the Independent Sales Director always makes money off of you and anyone else you recruit. They also place orders in your name and collect the bonuses.

When selling Avon, it’s completely different. Avon literally sells itself. My start-up cost was $0 because the recruiter had a special going on at the time I signed up. Without catching someone running a sale, Avon costs $12 to start. The $12 fee is to pay for your books. Every other material you need to get started is free, even your Avon website. Another great quality about Avon is, makeup is cheaper than ever and people already know what products they do and don’t like. You also have more than makeup to sell. Not only are you selling Avon, you also sell brands such as Mark, Tiny Tillia, Disney and even Fergie’s (The Black Eyed Peas) Outspoken Collection. With a variety of items, you have plenty of options of items to sell and can reach multiple types of people no matter what they like.

Another difference between Mary Kay and Avon is you don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars on products you don’t want to get paid. Avon has an option that you spend $100 every new campaign only if you want to. You can’t buy no more than $200 in products a month, unless your credit limit is raised but investing in products is not what Avon is about. Even if you never place an order, you still get paid your commissions and keep your bonuses. Avon pays you 40% commission and 20% commission for bonus items you sell. If you sell more in person than online, you get paid before Avon does. 

In conclusion, If you can sell high-dollar makeup and can afford to spend $250 a month on makeup, congrats to you. If you want a way to start your own business and make your own money without going broke then Avon is the company for you.


About The Avon Mistress

My name is Desiree and I'm an Independant Avon Representative. This blog is for bringing you the best deals and tips I can find through Avon. I will sort the deals by campaign numbers and their dates. I will also review products I actually use and ask questions about products you and others use.

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